Graduate Writing Lab

The Graduate Writing Lab is designed to help NNU's graduate students across all programs. We will assist with a variety of skills, from English writing proficiency to paper, thesis, or dissertation drafts. Our graduate peer-tutors and experienced faculty are here to help with any writing needs, and we look forward to helping you grow as a writer. Please familiarize yourself with our policies and resources to identify how we can best meet your needs.


Online Paper Uploads:

We now offer an online writing lab specifically for graduate students. Our online lab provides a simple way for students to recieve feedback on papers. 

To Enroll:

To access our graduate online writing lab, Enroll In Canvas

1. Enter your NNU username and password 

2. Select Enroll in Course button
3. Select the Go To Course button to enter into the NNU Online Writing Lab.Upload Paper Submissions

1. Once in Canvas, select Online Writing Lab from your courses menu.
2. Select Assignments from the menu bar
3. To submit a document for review, select the following: Submit Assignment > Choose File > Select File > Submit Assignment
* You will only need to enroll once. The Online Writing Lab will appear as one of your enrolled courses through the Canvas Learning Management System. 
**The Online Writing Lab is not an editing and proof-reading service provided by the Center for Academic Success & Advising (CASA). Our primary focus is to serve as writing coaches in order to help you improve in all facets of writing.

Papers of 20 or fewer pages may be submitted to the graduate writing lab. Papers submitted will be processed within 48 business hours of submission.

Theses, Dissertations and Other Long Projects:

The graduate writing center offers writing assistance for longer projects as well. We can work with students from the nascent stages of their projects to the final submissions. We ask that students interested in working through their long projects e-mail us directly so we can work together and determine the best approach for each student.

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Professor Catherine Becker, M.A.
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