Campus Writing Center Services

Writing Consultants

Writing consultants are available to our students at no cost. Consultants are NNU trained, and able to assist with writing conventions, format, citation styles, and parts of the writing process (bibliographies, title pages, etc...). Consultants are trained to work with students to better their papers, not to edit or write a student’s papers. 

Drop-In Writing Consulting

Drop-in writing consultations are available in the Leah Peterson Learning Commons during the following days and times:

Monday: 6-9pm
Tuesday: 6-9pm
Wednesday: 6-9pm
Thursday: 6-9pm

Hours will not be held on campus breaks or holidays.

Schedule an Appointment

We offer both online and in-person tutoring sessions. Sign up for whichever platform works best for you! Graduate students, be sure to schedule an appointment with our graduate consultant.

1. To schedule a writing consultant, visit Tutor Matching Service.
2. Create an account the first time you log in by selecting “Sign Up” in the upper right corner of the page. You may use your NNU email account.
3. Choose an NNU Writing Consultant. 
4. Select “See Calendar” and then select "Book Now". Find the date and time you would like from the tutor’s availability.
5. If you don't see the "Book" button, please send the tutor a message to propose a date and time for your session. You may also ask questions of the tutor by using the “Send Message” button.

Afterward, please go back to TMS and rate your tutoring experience. We utilize this information to continuously improve our services. Our tutors work hard, and it is good to let others know when they have done a good job!

Professor Cathy Becker is the coordinator of CASA Writing Services.
(208) 467-8808
LPLC 131

Online Writing Lab


To access our online writing lab, Enroll In Canvas

1. Enter your NNU username and password 

2. Select Enroll in Course button
3. Select the Go To Course button to enter into the NNU Online Writing Lab

Upload Paper Submissions

1. Once in Canvas, select Online Writing Lab from your courses menu.
2. Select Assignments from the menu bar
3. To upload paper submissions select the following: Traditional on-campus students select: 
"Undergrad - Online Writing Lab." Online students select "NNU Online - Online Writing Lab."

5. To submit a document for review, select the following: Submit Assignment > Choose File > Select File > Submit Assignment

* You will only need to enroll once each semester. The Online Writing Lab will appear as one of your enrolled courses through the Canvas Learning Management System. 

The Online Writing Lab is not an editing and proof-reading service provided by the Center for Academic Success & Advising (CASA). Our primary focus is based around structure, flow and the document submitted as a whole. 


  • Papers submitted through the Online Writing Lab will be processed within the following 48 hours the students submit their document
  • Maximum amount of pages for 48 hour review is 10 pages. If you have a longer assignment, please upload in increments or set up an individual consulting session.
  • Submit one assignment at a time

Video Instructions - Paper Submissions


Professor Cathy Becker is the coordinator of CASA Writing Services.
(208) 467-8808
LPLC 131

Grammarly and Turnitin


Grammarly is an automated grammar tutor and revision tool for academic writing. A web-based application, Grammarly works with you to develop sentence-level writing skills, prevent plagiarism, and reinforce proper revision habits. Upload drafts of your writing assignments to Grammarly to receive immediate instructional feedback on over 100 points of grammar and double-check if all sources are properly cited!

To access the program, go to and register using your NNU email address. Once you have registered you will receive an email confirming your registration. It is important to use your NNU e-mail to access the full-service institutional account.

Signing Up:


Questions about plagiarism? You can run a pre-check on papers through Turnitin. For instructions on how to access Turnitin, please visit the Turnitin Guide through the NNU Riley Library website.


Here are some resources we hope will help as you write. 


Subject-Verb Agreement: This link can help you create agreement between the subject and verb in your sentences.
Subordniate Clauses: This link will help you sort out subordniate clauses. 
Vague Pronoun References: Words like this, that, it, and which, leave the reader unsure to whom or what you refer. This link can help you with clarification in a sentence.
Verb Tense Shifts: This link will help you identify and avoid shifts in verb tense.\


Conjunctions and Apostrophe Use: This link will help you know how and where to use apostrophes.

Help with Citation Styles

APA Style- Click the link to find out more about APA style, how to use citations and compile a bibliography.

MLA Style- Click the link to find out more about MLA style, how to use citations and compile a bibliography.

Chicago/Turabian Style-  Click the link to find out more about Chicago and Turabian, how to use footnotes, endnotes, and to compile a bibliography.