Tutor Directory

Subject Area Tutor Name
Accounting Taylor Jones
Anatomy and Physiology Chaselyn Rhinehart
Bible Lit Elise Snowden
Biology and Pathophysiology Hunter Bain
Biology and Pathophysiology Chaselyn Rhinehart
Biology and Pathophysiology Angelique Yang
Biology and Pathophysiology Andrew Holston
Business Sam Moore (SP19)
Business Taylor Jones
Business Jacob Booker
Business Law Jacob Booker
Chemistry Andrew Holston
Chemistry Hunter Bain
Chemistry Madison Dirks
Chemistry Chaselyn Rhinehart
Chemistry Angelique Yang
Computer Science Ryan Pacheco
Conflict and Consensus (US History) Sam Moore (SP19)
Conflict and Consensus (US History) Ryan Pacheco
Economics Jacob Booker
Engineering Garrison Cizmich
Engineering Tyler Hestand
Engineering Connor Nogales
Greek Sam Bartlome
History Ryan Pacheco
History Sam Moore (SP19)
Honors Taylor Jones
Honors Sam Moore (SP19)
Math Angelique Yang
Math Connor Nogales
Math Garrison Cizmich
Math Tyler Hestand
Math Madison Dirks
Math Madison Dirks
Microeconomics Jacob Booker
Music Theory Megan Christopher
Nursing Corine Matte
Pharmacology Corine Matte
Philosophy Jacob Booker
Physics Garrison Cizmich
Physics Angelique Yang
Physics Connor Nogales
Physics Tyler Hestand
Spanish Madison Dirks
Theology Elise Snowden
Writing Consultant Heidi Delashaw
Writing Consultant Emily Maxfield
Writing Consultant Lydia Campbell-White